VERBA PONTES can help you overcome language barriers with the following services:

      • Translation
        We provide translations from the following areas: law, technology, ICT, finance, websites, abstracts of diploma papers etc.
      • Proofreading
        Proofreading of Slovene, German and English texts.
      • Interpreting
        Interpreting or oral translation is a very demanding type of translation which comes into play in situations in which the client and a foreign partner require a language mediator on-site.
      • Tuition and lessons
        We will gladly help you obtain German and English language skills. Moreover, we offer private tuition for the Slovene language.

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Spletna stran je nastala v okviru projekta Philoxenia, sofinanciranega s strani Evropskega Sklada za Regionalni Razvoj (Program MED).