Price List

Translation prices are calculated per standard page consisting of 1,500 characters without spaces.

The character count is made in the translated text which is the reason why we can give you merely a price estimation for the translation to be made.

The price also depends on the complexity of the text since translations of technical texts require more time and effort than general texts.

The prices are quoted without VAT. Pursuant to Paragraph 1, Article 94 of the Slovene Value Added Tax Act (ZDDV-1) we are exempt from VAT.

      • Translation Prices

        Slovene into foreign language     from EUR 21 to EUR 23

        Foreign language into Slovene     from EUR 19 to EUR 21

        Foreign into foreign                     from EUR 25 to EUR 27

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Our translations are high-quality but do not include proofreading by default. Proofreading prices are stated below. Proofreading is particularly recommended with texts that require greater linguistic accuracy because they will be printed or published in another medium.


      • Proofreading

        Proofreading Slovene texts       EUR 5

        Proofreading foreign texts         EUR 8

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