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About us


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The VERBA PONTES translation office is a young company offering a wide range of language solutions.

Its name is derived from the Latin term "verba" (meaning words)

and "pontes" (meaning bridges). Hence, the appropriate translation would be: Words are bridges. This philosophy corresponds to the company slogan:

Bridging the language gap through right words.

We have years of experience in delivering high-quality translation, interpreting and proofreading services as well as teaching Slovene, English and German. The acquired BA in Translation and Interpreting from the Faculty of Arts in Maribor is yet another proof of our linguistic competence.

Professional. Precise. Reliable. Flexible. These are the words which describe us best and ensure that our clients always receive first class translations rendered by a graduate translator and interpreter.

We strongly believe in the idea behind our slogan that only right words can bridge language gaps and that we are the right partner to help you build new bridges that will bring you closer to the goals you have set for yourself.

Together we will bridge language gaps.


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Spletna stran je nastala v okviru projekta Philoxenia, sofinanciranega s strani Evropskega Sklada za Regionalni Razvoj (Program MED).